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Psychic Reading Gift Vouchers

A psychic reading makes a great gift for your friend.


In our consumer society gifts of things, stuff or objects often just add to the clutter of a busy life. What many people are looking for in a gift is an 'experience' and a Psychic Reading from Grace is an experience which can benefit your friend in so many ways. Let them see what the future holds in love, relationships, work, career and family. They will thank your for it.

Pay it forward with a psychic reading...

"I met Grace at a Girls Day Out event at the show grounds. I didn’t get a reading then but my friend did. She talked about it so much before we left I came to get a reading but you were fully booked. I got the phone psychic number and rang about a week later.

Wow, I can understand why you were fully booked. It was more than I ever expected, it was just awesome. You helped me make a decision that I had been trying so long to make. What you told me made it so clear and easy to decide, without your help, I reckon I might still be undecided which way to go.

Thank you Grace for all your help".

Sophie, Auckland


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