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Grace's Psychic Gift

“When I was a child, the telephone would ring and my mum would say, 'I wonder who that is?' and I'd reply, Oh it's 'so-and-so' and it would be them. But I thought everybody knew that. It didn't seem out of the ordinary to me, and I thought nothing of it."


Like so many gifted psychics, Grace was unaware of her psychic source for many years ... until a strange coincidence gave her a clue that would lead her to discover its purpose and eventually embrace her psychic gift and establish herself as a professional psychic reader. This is Grace's story ...


Grace was able to ignore her psychic gift until, at 30, she wanted to buy a house. “I'd looked at lots of houses that didn't appeal to me, when late one night I noticed a house for sale which was empty. I looked into the window and, despite the orange carpet and green curtains, I knew this was the house.” Grace raised the deposit and bought the house. Three months later her parents came to visit for the first time.

“My mother told me my father had been born and grew up in the very same street and his mother (my grandmother) had died in this house and her ashes were buried under what was now a giant pear tree in my garden.” Grace's grandfather had since remarried and moved with his second wife to an outlying suburb and, until that day, Grace had never heard mention of her grandmother, Hilda Grace. “For the first time, my father told me about his mother – that she had been a psychic and a healer – and that this house where I was now living was on a part of their land which they had

Hilda Grace - Psychic Graces Grandmother
Hilda Grace

subdivided in 1927.” “I then knew why I had come to this place ... the energy was so familiar and I felt as if I knew everything about that piece of land, and yet I'd never seen it before.”


Grace's father then went on to tell her that, in the late 1920's, Hilda Grace had founded the Higher Thought Temple in Auckland's Union Street, which is still standing today. Out of curiosity, Grace visited the temple, where she discovered her grandmother's writings on theosophical subjects such as cosmology.


"This was a turning point for me and marked the beginning of my psychic life journey. Up until then I didn't even know what 'psychic' meant.” But, strangest of all, Grace's psychic source ability did not come to her through her genetic heritage ... she had been adopted into her family aged three months.

Higher Thought Temple Union Street Auckland - Psychic Grace
Higher Thought Temple, Union St, Auckland

My mother, who was then a skeptic, told me that a short time after I had been adopted they had held a candle-lit dinner party, at which a woman also named Grace was a guest. At one point during the evening, all of a sudden, this woman stood and channelled, “this child has come to you to continue the work of Hilda Grace”, my mother simply blew out the candles and dismissed the event, and said nothing to me about it until visiting my new house 30 years later.

Grace focused on developing her psychic abilities and soon began doing psychic readings. Her reputation grew by word-of-mouth and eventually she decided that a good way to reach more people who wanted a higher insight into their life could be to start an 0900 phone psychic service. That's how Grace's Psychic Circle was born. Grace ran the 0900 phone psychic readings service successfully for twenty years. After retiring the circle Grace decided to concentrate her energy on helping a small number of clients each week with personal phone psychic readings.


If you would like to experience the power of Grace’s psychic gift, simply book an appointment at a time which suits you.

You picked up on people from my past and the effect they have had on me. You have given me clarity and your guidance on my direction for a better future. Thank you for your psychic insight and wisdom.

Sam, Palmerston North

Loved your reading Psychic Grace. You understand me and get what I am about. The future you foresee for for me has filled me with energy and motivation. Many thanks.

Jodie, Hamilton

Thank you so much for your psychic read. I now understand where I am going and what the future can hold for me. Like you said it’s up to me, but the pointers you provided make it so much easier. Thanks again.

Gillian, Wellington

Grace your psychic reading has given me a lot of hope for the future. I had been in a dark hole for a long time and I was very skeptical about calling you on a friends recommendation. What you said to me has really helped me see things in a different light and I now feel I have a different future. Thank you.

Martin, Christchurch

My life journey is going to be so much better after talking with you. You have provide me with clarity on why many aspects of my life had not been working and you were able to help with the changes I need to make for the future we were able to see together. Best psychic reading ever.

Madelaine, Dunedin
Be inspired, know your future, begin today


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