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Special NEW YEAR

Psychic Reading!

Start 2021 in the know...

“Just wanted to let you know I had a fantastic year. Many thanks."

Jane, Auckland

The New Year is both a time to take stock of how your life has been and where it may lead in the future. Traditionally the New Year has been a time to make resolutions about your life, negative habits you want to delete, great new goals you want to achieve and virtues to attain, all in an effort to enhance your life.  


But the results are in, 80% of NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS fail by February and only 8% are achieved at all. If you are thinking you want to start the New Year in a more positive way you are not alone.


Many, many people, in fact, more and more, every year are now starting their year fresh, with a New Year’s Psychic Reading. Why? Because a psychic reading at this time of the year can be especially attuned to help you let go of the old and see the new.


When you receive a psychic reading with Psychic Grace you will know where you have been, understand the present and with Grace's psychic guidance see a clear path into your future.


If you want to know and understand the future, find your own power, have fulfilling relationships and feel at ease with your life then a psychic reading with Grace is a first step to a better you, with a better life.


Why not, join the thousands of happy people who have consulted with Psychic Grace and enjoy a great 2021.

Book your Special New Year’s Psychic Reading today.

“I received a reading at New Year and I want to let you know that most of the things we discussed worked out for the good. How can I buy a reading for my friend?

Fiona, Manuakau

“When you told me at the beginning of the year how I would meet my new lover and detailed the circumstances around this I was skeptical. So I was really, really surprised when we met just as you predicted. I should not have been surprised at all. Thanks again.

“My New Year psychic reading last year really put things into perspective for me and the path you saw for me was the right one. My family life is much better now. I want to thank you for the care you showed me. "

Michelle,  Otago

Janet, Palmerston North


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