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Psychic Reviews

A selection of psychic reading and clairvoyant reading  customer reviews

During my reading you seemed focused on my son and his health. I thought this was strange because he was normally healthy. I’m writing to say thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. Turned out he did need help.  Your psychic reading gave us advice that helped our son and our family. Thank you Grace.
Michelle, Te Awamutu


It was late at night and I saw your ad. I felt a bit silly calling but the guidance you gave me…[in regard to my business and its upcoming changes, what you said about the legal documents] was exactly correct. The whole time the psychic reading kept repeating in my head. Grace your reading in a way kinda saved my business. I would recommend you to anyone :)
Stephanie, Gisborne


I was so sad when I called you Grace. You shared a story with me that I could totally relate to and that made sense. You said my sad times were a thing of the past and to let them be and suggested some ways I could do this. You identified what I was wanting most in life and even when this would happen. And like you said within 18months I had met her, my soul-mate. Thank you for being so right and showing me hope and happiness.
Tony, Christchurch.


When I called for a reading I wasn’t really sure what I was wanting or why exactly I was calling….well anyway all I can say is "you should just talk to her she’s freaken amazing". It was bloody fascinating. I was highly impressed and happy to give a positive psychic review.
Grant, Pt Chev


Grace was extraordinarily on point. I went into the reading with a skeptical mind but went away with some insight that put my situation in perspective.
Janine, Melbourne


Slightly spooky, how did Grace pick up on my innermost fear? She gently guided me to an alternative way of looking at the world.
Natalie, West Auckland


I’d never been to a reading before, Grace read me to a ’T’. Nothing scary, just intriguing to experience.

Anon, NZ


Sometimes it’s good to have another view. As a stranger to Grace I couldn’t fathom how she picked up on my issue. She offered another way for me to look at it and it helped.
Helen, Upper Hutt


My whole world had tipped upside down. It was a very difficult time. Grace didn’t give me all the answers but helped me find them myself. It was amazing to feel that there was light at the end of the tunnel.
Tamara, Port Waikato

psychic readings

Not to sound dramatic but your reading actually changed my life. I was at such a loss. And after trying counselling and seeing my doctor my friend suggested I call Grace. The information you provided helped me see the light in amongst so much dark.

Thank you for guiding me

Debbie, Epsom

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