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A Psychic Reading can help you gain control of your destiny,
let me show you how:

A holistic way to improve your future...

“As you predicted I found my soulmate. I cannot thank you enough."

Barbara, Wellington

Hi there,


I’m Grace you may know me from when I ran Graces Psychic Circle a popular 0900 psychic phone line. A while ago I closed the circle, after many happy years, with a great group of psychic readers, who helped thousands of people. I now have a quieter life and focus on giving personal phone psychic readings.


I think you’ll agree with me when I say:


It is REALLY hard, to be happy, find true love, a soul-mate even, when you are busy juggling work, family and finances, dealing with something like car trouble and all the while you have a nagging suspicion your lover is not as in love with you as they once were.... You may have issues at work, or face any of the thousand and one things, which make living a happy, serene life difficult.


Or is it?


Well, it turns out you can dramatically and holistically improve your life. When we connect through a psychic reading, we will look at your future and give you ways to experience your power, lift you to a higher thought vibration and change the course of events in your life, for the better.


Please read the reviews from the many happy people who have, after experiencing a personal psychic reading with me, been able to let go of their pasts and with the gift of light, move on to happier more fulfilling lives and relationships.


I am a highly experienced, gifted and caring psychic here to help you.

I look forward to reading for you soon.


Love and light

psychic grace signature

PS. It’s Up To You To Make The Next Move


If you’re ready to know and understand your future then contact me today and be one of the thousands of people who I help connect to their better life.

Be inspired, know your future, begin today
“After getting readings from quite a few different psychics I have decided yours are the most accurate. I will be seeking your guidance again in the future. “

Jane, Auckland

“I have received psychic readings from you over many years and have always found the readings to be helpful and you are very caring. “

Pat, Dunedin

“When my boyfriend left me I was at a very low point in my life. Your reading let me see a new way forward in my life. I am forever grateful, thank you”

Belinda, Christchurch


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